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Commodities & Stock Index

Crude oil futures contractsare:BRENT和WTI。

Quote in USD/BBL with reference to ICE price.BRENT is the standard product of north Atlantic crude oil. WTI (west Texas intermediate) is a standard crude oil product in North America.The financial industry collectively refers to them as: US crude oil and British crude oil. Before the expiration of the crude oil contract, BAM will remind the clients who maintain positions to close the position 2 days before the expiration date of the relevant market.BAM,will set a new spread or charge a renewal fee for clients who still maintain positions after the expiration date.

Precious metal As a longer-term investment product, precious metals trading and holding physical precious metals are very popular among individual investors.

Gold prices are not dominated by production and consumption levels, but tend to be driven by political events, acting as a hedge in turbulent times. Silver has irreplaceable characteristics in large-scale industrial application, jewelry and silver products. Its price fluctuates more than many other metals because of its wide use in electronics and photographic materials. Precious metals have become a financial investment vehicle along with foreign exchange. The precious metal derivatives and exchange contracts offered by BAM are a simpler, lower-barrier way to trade, allowing you to take advantage of price fluctuations at a lower cost for shorter-term investments.

The stock price index

is an indicator used to reflect the overall level of the various stock market prices and their changes in the entire stock market, referred to as the stock index. It is a reference number that is compiled by a stock exchange or financial services institution to indicate changes in the stock market.Stock index contracts appeared in the 1990s. Introduced by equity traders, it allows hedge fund clients to use high leverage and gain access to a number of market downtrends. Because of leverage, traders can increase the volume of trading in stocks in a short period of time.Stock index trading is different from traditional stock trading because most investors do not trade stocks for the purpose of becoming shareholders in a company. Instead, they profit from the bid-ask spread in the transaction.The purpose of stock index is to meet the needs of investors, and fully give investors the convenience of speculative trading.25% of the London Stock Exchange's trading volume is a CFD trade. In addition to the voting rights of the company's shareholders' meeting, investors have exactly the same conditions as other stock investors.