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Customers can choose to apply to become an IB partner of ATOM Markets. Customers who have submitted an IB cooperation application are selected by ATOM Markets to become ATOM Markets Compliance IB, which can be used for customer service. After ATOM Markets reports, you can get ATOM Markets comprehensive value-added service support and get the corresponding commission return. ATOM Markets provides up to 70% commission return for IB partners.ATOM Markets provides IB with truly effective support to help IB conduct comprehensive industry training for its clients, training commitment customer conversion rate (historical statistical conversion rate of 58.8%). The training content includes industry expertise, foreign exchange market structure, order transaction mechanism, trading account risk control and other courses, allowing retail customers to participate in the foreign exchange market with full confidence in the market, to extend customer market participation time, and enhance customer IB trust. In addition, ATOM Markets will help IB to train its employees, so that IB employees have the professional ability to effectively serve their customers, enhance the competitiveness of the IB market, and strive to help IB succeed in the foreign exchange market.