Meta Trader Client program

MetaTrader 4 The client is a well-established trading venue that allows trading in financial markets (foreign exchange, stocks and futures). It provides important analytical tools and indicators to help you analyze dynamic prices in financial markets, conduct real-time transactions, and build and use automated trading (EA systems). It represents the concept of all functions and is the most popular trading terminal in the world. MetaTrader

MetaTrader 4 The client provides an analytical tool that makes it feel very useful. Each financial product can be selected for nine time periods and provide detailed dynamic quote analysis. More than 50 indicator tools can help streamline your analysis so that you can clearly analyze the current market situation, determine whether it is rising or oscillating, and determine when to buy or sell, in addition, you pass this The way you can manage different financial products is a real-time trading system that makes you feel very useful.

24-hour support 24 hours counterclaim resident Chinese online customer service, quickly response to email。

Multifunction calling Multi-function calling support (including phone ordering)。

Rapid saving Online money can be transferred to your account instantly, and online CRM office can withdraw money at a high speed. There is no need to worry about fund security。

Low bid-ask spread The spread is as low as 2 points, and the margin for hedging trades is 0。

Leveraged trading Provide 1:100 times trading leverage。

No commission,no slippage No commission, no hidden fees, transactions will be dealt as long as clicking, no slippage。