Company profile

Regulation ATOM Markets aims to be a leading online derivatives broker。
ATOM Markets offers a wide range of online financial derivatives trading to retail customers, offering customers a wide range of trading products, including gold, silver, foreign exchange, crude oil, CFDs and more than 50 trading products. 。
ATOM Markets adopts the No Dealing Desk (NDD) and Straight Through Processing System (STP) mode, where all orders from customers will be sent directly to the liquidity provider, and the best price will be selected to ensure smooth and transparent transaction execution.。
To this end, ATOMMarkets provides unparalleled liquidity to its customers. ATOM Markets' liquidity comes from as many as 15 foreign exchange banks and financial institutions around the world, ensuring that customers' transactions are reasonably priced in real time.。

Professional ATOM Markets is committed to being the most professional online trader of financial derivatives, providing comprehensive and quality services to active retail and institutional clients. ATOM Markets is your best choice in the field of financial derivatives!
Markets' goal is to assist customers in the financial derivatives market through the company's advanced trading system, perfect trading system, good trading environment, excellent customer service, and full potential. And provide a fair, secure and extensive online trading system for individual investors and currency trading managers.。

Stability In order to maintain a good business reputation, the principle of integrity is embedded in ATOM Markets' business philosophy as the coordinate of all its behaviors. We assure our clients that all trades are executed promptly, fairly and transparently, without trader intervention, requotation or refusal to close。
As a leading provider of online forex trading and contract for difference (CFD) trading, ATOM Markets provides the best service for active customers by supporting a 24-hour toll-free hotline during trading hours。
Focus on serving our clients' experienced account managers and high-end events and forums tailored to active trading clients, providing our clients with our proud customer service。

24 hours free service hotline within trading hours to answer your questions

Focus on senior account managers who serve customers

High-end events and forums tailored to active trading clients

Providing our proud customer service to all Asian customers

ATOM Markets is regulated by Australian ASIC and has been granted the Australian financial services license AFSL number in order to provide better compliance services market and provide the highest security for retail customers' funds: 001263782 According to Australian regulations, all institutions applying for AFSL financial services licenses must apply for PI Insurance for their clients. ATOM Markets will deposit client funds in separate accounts. Client funds will not be in the company's assets and liabilities. The table shows that if the company defaults client funds cannot be used to repay creditors, the client's fund account is strictly controlled and can only be used for normal transactions。

Company Culture

Customer firstA customer is a group that has specific needs for an enterprise's products and services. It is the fundamental guarantee for the maintenance of business activities. Customer first is our business philosophy, putting the customer's interests and customers' concerns as the first place in the company's philosophy and business plan. 。

Solidarity and cooperationOnly when a drop of water is thrown into the sea will it not die out; only when a grain of sand is on the beach will it not be blown away; only when a wild goose is placed in a team can it fly higher and farther; only when an employee integrates into the team can he/she play an individual role and promote the better development of the team.

Dedication and optimismIn the face of difficulties, we must be optimistic and never give up. In the face of fault, we must be brave enough to admit mistakes and dare to take responsibility. In the face of customers, we must be rational, full communication, sincere cooperation, and provide comprehensive service. 。

Honor codeKeep honesty and integrity, words and deeds aremagnanimous. The corporate integrity culture is the intangible asset of the enterprise and the soil for cultivating the core competitiveness of the enterprise. 。

Embrace the futureChange is always full of variability, we must embrace change and create change. When the situation is good, we must prepare for the bad situation. When the situation is not good, adjust our mentality and say to ourselves: The opportunity is coming. 。

Keep passionWe should keep our feet on the ground, optimistic, open-minded, positive, good at learning, diligent in thinking, broad interests and hobbies, strong practical ability, and have the courage to meet new challenges. 。